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Parish Churches, Registry offices and similar Records - index

There are many Churches in the Bann Valley, some still in use, some are ruined. Not all of the churches have records. Not all the records have yet been transcribed. But we will add records here as they become available.

Civil registration started in 1865, and wasn't completely applied for a few years, so some people weren't registered even after that. However, lots of the churches kept record before then, though of course earlier records are 'patchy'.

The records

The Church records can grow indefinitely: I am adding records as and when I am supplied them by list members. Many of the recent additions are straight emails, extracted from the Bann Vallley mailing list and put into position for later sorting - so they can be patchy.

In order that you can view them before I sort them, this 'index' page is at - note the contents.html rather than the more usual index.html. This is so that a link to will work and will give you a directory viewer where you may browse and search the work in progress!

The Churches

This list is growing and, myself not being resident in the area, is based on guesswork and information gleaned, so is inaccurate and incomplete. Additions and corrections are welcome. So too is more information to help us properly locate each church. Name? Parish? Map reference?

The list also includes registry offices, cemetaries and other places where such records may exist.

Gradually, we are building up data (with notes and an index) for each church. Some records are near complete, others are extracts only. Click on the links for the index of available records.

The date is new (12th June 2008) and will indicate recent changes and additions.

There are some books on some of these churches: see our book list index page.

PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
AghadoweyChurch of IrelandSt. GuaireAghadowey C 859 210
AghadoweyPresbyterian..BallywillinC 864 211
Agherton (Portstewart)Church of Ireland(Old Graveyard)AghertonGlebeC 822 365
Agivey..AgiveyMullaghmoreC 903 222
AghadoweyRoman Catholic.AghadoweyMullahinchC 890 209
BallerinRoman Catholic.ErrigalBoleranC 807 198
BallyclabberReformed Presbyterian..-
BallylagganReformed Presbyterian..-C 884 254
BallylintaghPPresbyterian..-C 850 252
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
BallymoneyChurch of Ireland..-.
BallyrashanePresbyterian..-C 890 333
Ballyscullion BellaghyChurch of Ireland..-H 952 965
BallywillanPresbyterian..-C 870 386
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
BellaghyRoman CatholicSt Mary's.-.
BoveedyPresbyterian.Tamlaght O'Crilly-C 892 119
CastledawsonChurch of IrelandChristchurchBallyscullionTamniaranH 928 935
CastledawsonPresbyterian.BallyscullionCastledawsonH 926 933
CastledawsonRoman CatholicNew RowBallyscullion-.
Church IslandChurch of Ireland Ballyscullion-.
ChurchtownPresbyterian.Tamlaght O'CrillyDrumardC 910 060
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
ColeraineChurch of IrelandSt Patricks.-.
ColeraineChurch of Ireland  KillowenC 845 321
Coleraine PresbyterianFirst.-.
Coleraine PresbyterianTerrace Row.-.
ColeraineRoman CatholicSt John's.-.
Craigavole...-C 857 103
CrossgarPresbyterian..-C 844 270
CulnadyPresbyterianMagheraCulnady- C885 028
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
CurranPresbyterian.MagheraCurran-H 891 952
DerrykeighanChurch of Ireland..-.
Desertmartin..DesertmartinKnocknaginH 855 921
DesertmartinRoman CatholicCoolcalmDesertmartinKnocknaginH 851 928
Desertoghill.OldDesertoghillBallynameenC 851 147
DesertoghillChurch of IrelandSt PaulErrigalMoyletra KillC 868 132
DrimbolgReformed Presbyterian..-C 916 055
DromorePresbyterian.Camus-juxta-BannDromoreC 853 263
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
DrumagamerRoman CatholicChapelTamlaght O'Crilly-.
DrumagarnerRoman Catholic Tamlaght O'CrillyDrumagarnerC 911 104
Drumenagh (Lower Eglish)Drumenagh..ArtreaH 935 881
DrumreaghPresbyterian..-C 923 229
DunboeChurch of IrelandSt Paul'sDunboeArticlave LowerC 784 339
Dunboe?old graveyard.DownhillC 758 354
DunboePresbyterianFirstDunboeArticlaveC 782 341
DunboePresbyterianSecondFormoyleBallinreesC 787 303
DunboeRoman Catholic.MilltownBallywoodockC 760 345
Dunluce, BushmillsPresbyterian..-.
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
ErrigalChurch of Ireland.ErrigalGarvaghC 840 155
Errigal OldBallintemple..ErrigalC 811 149
FermoyleChurch of Ireland.FormoyleFormoyleC 771 285
FinvoyChurch of Ireland..-.
GarvaghChurch of IrelandSt PaulsErrigal and Desertoghill-C 839 155
GracefieldMoravianOld GraveyardArtreaBallymaguiganH 938 894
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
GreenloughRoman CatholicChapelTamlaght O'Crilly-C 936 041
Kilcronaghan (old)Church of Ireland.KilcronaghanMormealH 815 948
KillaigPresbyterian..KilleagueC 832 247
KildollaghChurch of Ireland.Aghadowey-C 879 288
KilreaChurch of IrelandSt PatricksKilreaKilreaC 927 123
KilreaPresbyterianFirst.-C 925 124
KilreaPresbyterianSecond.-C 924 125
KilreaRoman CatholicSt Anne's.-.
Knockloughrim / Back of the HillPresbyterian.TermoneenyDerganaghH 894 978
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
LecumpherPresbyterian.DesertmartinLecumpherH 858 895
Lislea...-C 950 080
MacosquinChurch of IrelandCamus.-.
MagheraChurch of IrelandSt LurachMagheraLarantogher.
Maghera Old graveyardChurch of IrelandSt LurachMagheraLarantogherC 855 002
MagheraPresbyterian..LarantogherC 850 003
MagheraRoman CatholicSt. Patrick's (Glen)MagheraFallagloon.
MagherafeltChurch of IrelandSt Swithin'sMagherafeltMagherafeltH 900 908
MagherafeltPresbyterianFirstMagherafeltMagherafeltH 898 905
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
MagherafeltPresbyterianSecondMagherafeltMagherafelt, Union RoadH 898 905
MagherafeltFree PresbyterianThirdMagherafeltMagherafelt, CalvaryH 898 905
Magherafelt, MilltownRoman Catholic.MagherafeltKillyneeseH 909 918
Moyletra ToyParish Church..-C 867 132
MoneydigPresbyterian..-C 890 165
MilltownRoman Catholic..BallywoodockC 760 345
MullaghChurch of IrelandOld GraveyardTermoneenyMullaghH 857 993
New RowPresbyterian.Coleraine-.
PortglenoneChurch Of Ireland.. C 980 039
PortglenonePresbyterianFirst.-C 980 045
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
PortglenoneRoman Catholic..AughnahoyC 985 031
RasharkinChurch of Ireland..-.
RasharkinRoman CatholicSt Mary's.-.
RingsendPresbyterian.AghadoweyBallymenaghC 807 227
SwatraghChurch of Ireland.KillelaghKillylagh.
PlaceDenominationNameParishTownlandMap Ref
SwatraghRoman CatholicSt John'sKillylagh-.
Tamlaght Parish civil records
TamlaghtChurch of IrelandLowerTamlaght O'CrillyInnishrushC 911 063
TamlaghtChurch of IrelandUpperTamlaght O'CrillyDrumardC 911 062
TamlaghtPresbyterian.Tamlaght O'Crilly-.
TermoneenyChurch of Ireland.TermoneenyCabragh.
TobermorePresbyterian.KilcronaghanTobermoreC 831 966
Woods ChapelChurch of Ireland.ArtreaLisnamorrowH 928 872

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