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In this site you will find Genealogy, Natural history (wild food, pond life, ponds around Cambridge), old photos, walks we have done with our cats, opera libretti and much more. Something of interest to almost everyone!

All the sections below have their own indexes.

British Family Bibles Genealogy from family bibles
Biographies Biographies of various family members
Richard John Torrens My own mini biography
Robert George Torrens My father
John Morrison Torrens My grandfather
Books Various books in electronic format
Dental Disease, by R G Torrens A rare book currently being transcribed
Cats Walks with and pictures of our cats
Family Photos etc of various family events.
The Czech wedding of Adrian Torrens Photographs
A Wake for Jim Eusden Photographs
Hewson family Family tree, Hewson, Eusden, Peters, Tunstall
Torrens family tree Torrens, Campbell, Devine, World and many others back to about 1660
Food for Free Details of many edible wild plants
Recipes Salad plants, salad dressings, Kimchee and others
For sale Various items for sale
Bann Valley families Many records of families in the Bann Valley, Ireland
Torrens, Torrance, Torrence etc. including transcriptions of two books
Hewson family A
Youghal My own family passed through Youghal
How to DIY hints and tips
Panasonic breadmaker Replace a drive belt
Stop Form Spam Spammers fill in contact forms!
Mailing Lists Genealogy and other mailing list you can join
Medical blogs I take no medication but live with Barrett's oesophagus, BPH, ABH etc
Natural history
Aquatic plants and life Bitterling, Hydra, Water plants etc.
Botanical photos Photographs
Fungi photos Photographs
Ponds and water features Ponds and water around Cambridge
Cambridgeshire's chalk streams Photos
Opera Opera libretti, transcribed
Photos Historical photos, mostly Ireland
RISC OS RISC OS programs etc.
Walks Walks we have done with our cats
Walks in Forest of Dean with photos and maps

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